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On average, just 6% of fans engage with a brand's Facebook page after 'liking' it.
Napkin Labs Study: October, 2012.

To a brand like Skittles, that’s just terrible. So we created an experience that enabled people to interact with the Skittles brand on Facebook in a way never before possible: we gave them telekinetic powers.

To achieve this, we assembled a team of technology developers, engineers and programmers and created a new piece of technology that allowed people to take control of Skittles in the real world, and seeminlgy move them using their mind.

To turn science fiction into reality, we reprogrammed, hacked and developed new facial recognition technology that captured the users' eye movements via webcam and relayed the commands back to WiFi-controlled robots.

Skittles were attached to the robots via magnets, enabling Australians and New Zealanders to move them alongside one another in real-time.

And because the technology was hidden, users could move the Skittles in any direction they liked, without completely knowing how they were doing it.

In the process we managed to invent the first ever web experience that let people move a physical object, without touching a thing.


  • Users spent an average of over 4 minutes each on the App.
  • During the month the campaign ran, 'likes' of the Skittles Facebook page increased by 692% compared to the month prior.
  • Skittles went from being unranked to the 3rd most popular branded Facebook page in Australia.

All with a media budget of $0.