Mimeisthai at TEDx Sydney

The World's First Spoken-Word, Real-Time Trending Engine

The Idea

"What Twitter Would Look Like, Without A Laptop Or Smartphone." - Fast Company

What if you could trend a topic by simply speaking? No smartphone, no laptop, no tablet, but based on what people are saying to each other in real-time?

TEDx Sydney briefed us to create an experience bringing to life the event's theme: Real. Live. Now.

'Mimeisthai', did just that. The world first was premiering at TEDxSydney on Saturday May 26, the one-off installation visualised the flow of ideas around the room in real time.

Think twitter, except without the need for a smartphone, laptop or tablet - all you need do to trend a topic... is speak.


Parabolic microphones were placed around the room so they could capture the hundreds of conversations taking place amongst the audience of 900 thought leaders in the theatre.

Mimeisthai's algorithm isolated and analysed the conversations, bringing them to life.

Key phrases then appeared instantly using a flocking metaphor on the main screen, visualising the spread of ideas across the room.


  • Galvanised the room generating hundreds of conversations.
  • Broadcast to live millions via ABC and a live TED YouTube stream.
  • Captured the imagination of the internet sparking over 29,600 online conversations.

"Prepare to be stopped in your tracks because this is off the hook". - It's Nice That

"Leave it to the Aussies to bring the art of conversation back in to the real world" - Really New Media

"The Future of Social Media" - HUH Magazine

"A New Social Era?" - Zé Studio

"US version please...Simple idea, amazing creative." - Grand Central Magazine

"Infographic of the Day" - Fast Company